Thursday, February 2, 2017

a rusted and long forgotten hatred rebursted

Listen to 'phoanthobia
from ilithl's upcoming album 'Amopia'


life really is a bitter fucking thing
like a knife that is already in you
slowly twisting in you
just when it stops and you think its going to be pulled out
it gets pushed in further 
and keeps on turning
faith hasn't brought me much
but that doesnt mean you shouldn't have faith in yourself

besides the disappointment of life
the song itself is a heavy monstrosity 

Friday, January 27, 2017


flower noise brought to you via 

via the Sun Monolith Bandcamp.

A journey of noise through flowers and photosynthesis.

listen via youtube as well.

Saturday, January 14, 2017


What have you, Son of Sun.
What frequency do you most resonate with?
Does the sonic static begin, or rather does the silence end?
When is the perpetual solitude taken by flurry,
or is it merely adapted to the rush of sound.

Child of the Sun
 created of stardust
vibrations are key
you hold expansion in your hands
do what you will

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

// 2017 //

Another Year

download Monarch Program
via the Sun Monolith Bandcamp.

Textures. Noise.
Torture on the brain.
Experiments on the mind.

We survived another.
Here's to 2017
Have hope for yourself

Sun Monolith

Thursday, December 29, 2016


This Upcoming year is looking great in the field of noise.
Killer Splits and collabs are lining up, as well as more solo releases from some of the artists who have already been pushed through Sun Monolith. Looking forward to further evolving this label with the possible edition of selling tapes and all things akin to that. Wrapping up this year under the sun polluting the planet with more noise. 

With that I give you KLZNR's 'DSTRCTVSM'

download DSTRCTVSM
via the Sun Monolith Bandcamp.

So, what exactly do we have here to end off 2016?
A very droney and obscure mind numbing noise duet. Two songs creating a sense of isolation and vivid hallucinations of a world not so illuminated, or possibly a world so illuminated it destroys your mind and allows you to see the world as is. The soundscapes are very dim and lit by nothing more than recluse thought. Check out DSTRCTVSM for a true sense of hopelessness and to see past the delusions that you might have about this world.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Sun Monolith: UPDATE

This week has been rather shit, but for the most part, I'm just trying to survive throughout the holiday season. Here at Sun Monolith I'm trying to get ready for the upcoming year as well as planning new things, such as upcoming/incoming releases by certain artists, preparing release dates and new compilation albums, speaking of which this upcoming year will Feature a new SUN HEARD comp.
Hoping to get a plethora of great Artists to contribute once again!
Last SUN HEARD was filled with great artists and if i'm able to assemble such artist to come together once again, we'll have yet again, another successful compilation.
I'm dreading the upcoming year, foreboding any changes and so on.
However, regardless of what goes on in my personal life I still have some netlabel and blog to run.

artwork by CierrakillerArt
With that being said I present to you WIREPHOHBIA'S latest!

available at Sun Monolith as always

The track is a single and is killer disoriented noise, definitely go check that out!
Hoping for an influx of new or current artists to submit music as always so if you know anyone, or rather you're an artist yourself and want to release some music(regardless of genre) make sure to get in contact with SUN MONOLITH via email at
Always wanting to hear new and exciting things so if you have anything, go ahead and shoot Sun Monolith a message.
Remember Sun Monolith grows as well as your band, and there couldnt be a better way to end this year or start the next year with more of an audience!
Especially with the year of 2016 being as shit as it was.

Keep up with all upcoming updates and what not by following us here, or alternatively like the Facebook page to get music updates as well as reminders to check out the blog for Sun Monolith content.

See you in the next post.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

VVVNDExGALL - Collaborative Session (2016)

Album: Collaborative Session
Genre: Noise, Sludge, 
Powerviolence, Drone
Year: 2016
For Fans Of: Primitive Man, Corrupted,
Man Is the Bastard, Full Of Hell
Bastard Noise

GALL and VVVNDE hold a very dear and near place in my heart, not because members in both bands are my friends, but because the sheer and raw anger created by both bands from their split from back in march was something to truly behold, both the GALL and VVVNDE sides are heavy, droney and animalistic. However this isnt that, this is both bands coming together to put forth SLUDGE and DRONEVIOLENCE together in a marriage beyond that of the split. This monstrous 19 minute collaboration set is enourmous, with giant walls of droney guitars and slow brooding drums creating an ambience that disorients the listener, only to break that ambience with bursts of blasts beats and massive feedback guitars and noise, over that is the Shouty vocals of GALL with the occasional Shriek of VVVNDE,  taking breaks from the drums to allow the feedback to grow in size and also use that chance to bring the harshnoise into the mix, something straight out of Man Is The Bastard, bringing the outbursts back into play only to break these outbursts with a small sludgey intrumental, ending it off with a monolithic noisey finish, all in all this is a giant collab with dual shrieking vocals, feedback heavy/noisey guitars and killer drumming. 

Sun Monolith track pick: 12/07/16 (only track)

Download at the GALL or VVVNDE bandcamp: 12/07/16
Like the GALL and VVVNDE Facebook/Facebook